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Why the Floor Academy Podcast?

Running a flooring business is challenging. Finding customers, sealing the deal, ordering the supplies, installing the products, cleaning the site, billing the customer, and keeping on top of bills. It’s no wonder you struggle to find extra time for family, friends, and hobbies. You deserve to be the owner of a flooring business that more than survives – it thrives!

I get it. As a flooring entrepreneur, I have learned that running a business is often harder than sore knees and a tired back. That’s why I created The Flooring Academy. I’m on a mission to help flooring entrepreneurs learn practical and proven strategies that will help them grow their companies so they can enjoy the pleasures of business ownership: financial stability and the confidence that comes from a well-run operation.

Floor Academy is your one-stop shop to learn all about sales, marketing, and operations. Plus, I drip in health and wellness and other lifestyle tips to help you be the most effective entrepreneur you can be.

Platforms to suit your work and lifestyle:

  • Podcast – learn while you earn.
  • YouTube videos – enjoy lively conversation while you sit back and relax.
  • Facebook community – share insights and ideas with other business owners.
  • Instagram – tune in on short videos and tips.
  • TikTok – enjoy the fun side of business ownership
  • Mastermind communities – take the plunge and invest in a community where you’ll learn from each other and belong to a tribe of like-minded business owners.

Don’t waste another minute worrying about your flooring business. Check out our platforms on the nav bar and join our community where flooring entrepreneurs gain transform from overwhelmed to self-confident business owners.

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