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What is your business success worth?

If you’re doing business alone, you’re doing it wrong. Missing out on hidden revenue. Not quite making the profit you want (and need). Long, hard days and not enough to show for it. Missed family events. Declining health. Burnout.

Stop operating in a vacuum.

Join a Floor Academy Business Therapy Mastermind.

This virtual group is a melting pot of innovation, where seasoned veterans and dynamic newcomers in the flooring industry come together regularly to share their unique perspectives, strategies, and insider knowledge. Here, you’ll engage in deep, thought-provoking discussions and uncover the latest trends, marketing tactics, and operational efficiencies that can catapult your business to new heights.

Our focus is not just on overcoming the everyday challenges of a flooring business but on pioneering new solutions, fostering unparalleled growth, and building an enduring network. Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, explore cutting-edge materials and technologies, or refine your business model, our mastermind group provides the perfect platform for collaborative success, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of flooring entrepreneurship.

Transform Routine into Remarkable with Lifestyle Lifts

As part of this community, you will gain lifestyle lifts that involve making intentional, positive changes to enhance your overall well-being and happiness. It’s about adopting healthier habits, whether incorporating a balanced diet, regular exercise, or sufficient rest, to improve physical health.

Equally important is nurturing mental and emotional wellness through practices like mindfulness, stress management, and pursuing hobbies that bring joy. It also includes cultivating solid social connections, engaging in meaningful activities, and creating a living environment that reflects personal tastes and promotes relaxation.

Ultimately, lifestyle lifts are about making conscious choices that lead to a more fulfilling, balanced, and vibrant life, tailor-made to your individual needs and aspirations.

How Our Mastermind Works

Kyle Hedin is an experienced flooring professional with more than 10 years of experience in proven business ownership success. His job as a facilitator is not just a leader but also a listener, mediator, and mentor, adapting his approach to meet the group’s evolving needs and ensuring that every member derives maximum value from their participation.

Each Mastermind group is pre-vetted, so you’ll be part of a 5-person elite group of business professionals who meet virtually for 2 ½ to 3 hours every other week. You’ll know the schedule upon selection to plan accordingly. You won’t want to miss a session or experience that awful FOMO – fear of missing out!

Participants discuss their wins, struggles, plans from the past two weeks, and ideas to move forward. Everyone participates in this safe, confidential, and respectable environment. Each participant gets about 35 minutes to share and get valuable feedback, and the entire conversation is an incubator for new ideas and inspiration.

Kyle is an expert facilitator who encourages participation, guides conversations, promotes accountability, provides resources and knowledge, and summarizes lessons learned so everyone can chart new paths for success.

As a bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer as a Masterclass speaker, which will improve your public speaking skills as well as help you hone your knowledge and expertise. As a Masterclass speaker,

· You will learn as you prepare your teaching lesson.

· You will get immediate feedback on your topic.

· You will expand your knowledge with the open-discussion format.

· You will gain confidence and expertise.

· Your business will grow.

Ready to sign up today?

Your commitment: 6 months at $499 monthly, including 13 meetings. That’s a minimum of 26 hours focused on YOU and YOUR business!

Check out this video about our Floor Academy Mastermind Mind Groups.

League of Extraordinary Minds: Where Ideas Meet Action!

Some of our past participants call this program “business therapy for entrepreneurs.” While not covered by health insurance, you will find relief, motivation, and increased energy because of brainstorming, constructive feedback, and a safe place to get questions answered.

Where Leaders Grow Together: Become Part of Our Dynamic Mastermind Circle

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel with processes and procedures. This Mastermind is the one-stop shop where you will get the insights and resources you need to accelerate your business and personal success.

Here’s proof of how valuable the Mastermind is:

One client grew his business by 28%, and his net profits are up. Another added an entirely new division based on another retailer’s success in their group.

“If anyone isn’t sure about joining a Floor Academy mastermind group let me give some feedback about how it’s helped us.

We worked through so many struggles and frustrations growing our business. The solutions weren’t easy, but we had support and accountability. Strategizing with the feedback of other business owners was

pivotal to work through. We can now see the fruit of our labor! I was reviewing some P&L comparisons from last year to this year. Our revenue has grown 28%, our net profit has grown 168%, and we paid an additional $55k in bonuses for our field technicians above their hourly rate! We changed a lot of SOPs and implemented performance pay at the beginning of the year, and it has been huge! Is everything perfect? No. Do we have room for improvement? Yes. Are things a lot better than last year with less stress? Absolutely!!”

What our clients are saying
Based on 6 Reviews
Erin E. Albrecht, M.Ed.
February 8, 2023

If you are a flooring contractor looking to strengthen your business, Floor Academy is a great resource. Kyle Hedin only comes “batteries included”. Kyle helps owners focus on foundational principles, and effective strategies for solutions for small business owners, specifically in the flooring industry. A small investment can lead to his Mastermind group where you are held accountable to goals set, checking in with your cohort group nationwide. Thank you Kyle for bringing contractors together, and being a beacon of light to our industry.

Charlotte Mendez
February 8, 2023

Kyle is the best facilitator I have experienced! The mastermind group I am in is amazing! I have grown and learn valuable and tangible information. The brainstorming ideas from the whole group are out of the box and have help me to think out of the box! I highly recommend The Mastermind groups! Charlotte Mendez Craftsman Hardwood Flooring

Enrique Bringas-Galaz
November 13, 2022
Matthew Garcia
August 1, 2022

I have been participating in the Floor Academy Mastermind for 9 months and have had a great experience. When I realized the value, I even signed up my sales manager to participate in a new group. Business can be tuff but this group has helped me set goals, and held me accountable. We have brain stormed great ideas and have implemented great procedures and processes that I would not have came up with on my own. I feel like I can take the business to the next level now.

John Steier
July 25, 2022

I believe the mastermind group to be a huge asset to accountability for my business! Prior to joining I was just accepting shortcomings in the business as “this is just how it is”. I never believed my business was failing. I just always felt I could do better but was Lacking some of the confidence to make the changes I knew that needed to happen. Just having a group of like-minded individuals encouraging and giving input is what I needed. I am not a confrontational person and most of the time do whatever I can to avoid it! This is why the mastermind class is so effective for me. I was not having to do this all by myself. The accountability part is amazing! I let myself become a little bit vulnerable and thus was able to accept the fact to move forward I need to change. This mastermind class is great for anyone that is willing to put forth effort and time to better themselves. The little bit of time and money you give is easily worth it as long as you’re willing to put the effort in to change yourself some. I believe Kyle is doing something fantastic here that’s very specific to Floor Covering!

Eduardo Martinez
July 9, 2022

I tripled my business in under 8 months. My mentors and new friends helped me grasp complex business concepts and we all worked through each of our businesses problems together to overcome them. We also shared a ton of laughs and breakthroughs. Co-owner of M.C.F.S llc the best commercial retail carpet service in the nation. Soon the world. Also most handsome according to my mother.

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