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Why the Floor Academy Podcast?

Where and how do you get an education when the platform you need to learn from doesn’t exist?

Well, you create it!

Floor Academy was born from a desire to learn more about the flooring world and how to run a flooring business but when Kyle Hedin went looking for that info himself, he couldn’t find it. Sure there were plenty of podcasts from other trades but there wasn’t anything specific to the flooring trade.

Audio books are great for business management, strategies, financial success, etc. but once again there wasn’t anything specifically flooring related. With a background in film production from working on reality television shows, Kyle decided he could just produce his own podcast to fill the niche. How hard could it be? Listen in every week as the Floor Academy Podcast interviews different individuals in the trade from around the world and learns what has made them successful. Find out how you can grow your business to be more successful and profitable.

You’ll also listen along as Kyle works on growing his personal business from owning a job to owning a system that produces him a revenue stream with little involvement. As individuals in the floor industry, it can be hard to run a business and get a proper business education from a college. Floor Academy helps you “Learn While You Earn”!

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